LSU Tigers Tickets

LSU Tigers Tickets

Love purple, live gold is the call that you can hear from LSU Tigers fans as they line up for entry outside of LSU Tiger Stadium. This venue is playing host to all of the home games of the LSU Tigers Football Program and is the destination for celebration if you love this team. Going into week 6, the Tigers have outdone themselves with five straight wins this regular season, including a near shutout on October 5 when they humiliated the Utah State Aggies with a final score of 42-6. This command starts have left many sportswriters wondering if the LSU Tigers have what it takes to race up the charts and become champions and Bowl game winners? While many fans say yes, the only way to see this powerful team play and earn their spot in postseason play is to come and order tickets to their upcoming home games. Because everyone knows that a Tiger is fierce when they are defending their home turf.

So join over 102,000 other fans and see the team that will leave you on the edge of your seats. Every tackle, every clutch pass, every hard-earned inch up the field will be a masterful play and you won’t believe with Tigers coaches and leaders plan to do to their opponents. If you are a true fan of football, you’ll be glued to your seat for every touchdown. So don’t let this chance to see the LSU Tigers incredible 2019 season home games pass you by. All of you have to do is order your tickets through this site.

But don’t delay! Because Tigers fans are already rushing the ticket stands to get their seats first. If you don’t want to miss out on any of the action, then now’s the chance to act. Explore this website and see what it means to love purple, live gold!

The LSU Tigers are off to an incredible season start!

The season started strong when the Tigers faced off against Georgia Southern for the two programs’ very first meeting. By the time the first quarter was done, it was clear that it would be an uphill fight at best for Georgia Southern, as they didn’t get on the board until they scored three points in the second quarter compared to LSU’s 42 at the end of the first half. Georgia Southern had hopes of picking up the pace but failed to gain any momentum, ending the game with a crushing 55-3 loss.

The Tigers then faced the Longhorns, who they last met at the 2003 Cotton Bowl Classic resulting in a loss. So the Tigers were hungry for a win to pay back the defeat the Longhorns handed them. After seizing an early and hard-fought 3 point lead, the Tigers kept up the momentum pushing back hard. They even made up for a disappointing third quarter, to finally win 45-38.

The program then faced off against Northwestern State for a game that brought these two teams back together after their 2011 battle. But much like the Eagles in Week One, the team couldn’t build enough momentum to push back against Tigers’ aggression. This led to a 65-14 win against the Demons.

The Vanderbilt Commodores were the next team to play against the Tigers, and going into the match sportswriters were divided on the result. Some players expected the Tigers winning streak to continue, while others believed that the Commodores would do what the Longhorns couldn’t and break the streak. Early on, the game seemed lost for Vanderbilt, as the Tigers had a commanding 28-7 lead. The second quarter proved to be a tighter game with both teams adding ten points to the board, as both teams struggled to break through the other’s defense. After the half, Vanderbilt managed to put up 14 points, while the Tigers countered with a whopping 21 points. At this point, the game was pretty much lost to Vanderbilt, but they played as hard as they could and ended the fourth quarter adding 7 points to match the Tigers’ own. The 66-38 final score was telling.

For the fifth and final match to date against Utah State, fans of the Aggies were certainly expecting a streak ending the match. They even had hope when the fourth quarter ended 7-6 in favor of the Tigers. But the rest of the game was an absolute blow out as the Aggies couldn’t get close enough to record any more points, and the Tigers lead grew with each touchdown and field goal. The game ended 42 to 6.

What this streak means for the Tigers has yet to be seen, but one thing’s for certain. Fans of the Purple and Gold are going to love what comes next at LSU Tiger Stadium.

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The Features that Make Tigers Stadium special

LSU Tigers Stadium has a load of features that make it special compared to other NCAA football stadiums. Read on to learn what you can expect with your visit.

One of the most commonly noticed differences is how the stadium numbers yard lines ending in 5 and 0, unlike most stadiums in the world that only add numbering for yards ending in 0. The stadium also uses H style goalposts rather than the Y or Tuning folk styles that most fans and teams are used to. While the goalposts are supported and aren’t true classic H style goalposts, they do offer the LSU tigers the chance to run through the goalposts when entering the field. Tigers Stadium is only one of three Division I schools that still use the H style posts.

Also, Tigers Stadium is one of few stadiums that allow alcohol sales on site. Starting with the 2019 football season, LSU will sell beer and wine across the stadium, stopping sales at the end of the third quarter. Alcohol will not be sold in any of the concession stands close to the student section. This also adds other regulations for safety including the dispensing of all beverages in plastic containers.

In 2009, LSU unveiled a huge Daktronics HD Video Board that cost the university $3.1 million. The display is placed in the North end zone and features the phrase “Welcome to Death Valley” a moniker that the university shares with Clemson. The display got a later makeover in 2014 with the opening of the South Endzone Upper Deck, with the phrase situated in larger lettering on the front of the new deck.

When you order your tickets to see the Tigers play, you’ll get to see these features and more!