Enter the address below in your cars Sat Nav GPS to make your journey easier:
North Stadium Road, Baton Rouge, Los Angeles 70893
Note that roads near Tiger Stadium are often busier than normal during times of popular events. Please plan accordingly.

There are a number of parking and tailgating options around Tiger Stadium on football game days. Fans can pay people to park in their front yards or purchase tickets from LSU. There are parking lots near the baseball field, fraternity row, and by the track.

However, do note that FREE ADA parking is located at Lot 409 on Gourrier Lane.

It is best to refer to the official website of LSU Tiger Stadium for more information in regards to the parking arrangement for drivers with no disability.

The below general information is meant for your perusal:

  • North Stadium Drive, South Stadium Drive and West Stadium Drive (next to Tiger Stadium) will be closed to all vehicular traffic on game days.
  • A live railroad track runs adjacent to Nicholson Drive through the LSU campus. Fans should avoid crossing these tracks at non-crossing areas. Crossing areas are located at Skip Bertman Drive and Gourrier Avenue. In addition, vehicles are prohibited from parking adjacent to these tracks.
  • Vehicles may NOT park along the shoulders of Nicholson Drive between West Chimes and Brightside for football games. Vehicles that park in these areas will be towed. Tailgating may take place along Nicholson Drive, however, personal vehicles may not park next to the street.
  • There is a charge to park in the area west of Highland Road on football game days. Access to this area is sold game-by-game on a first-come, first served basis. The cost to park in this area is $20-40 per game for vehicles. Utility trailers may be parked in the area for $50 each.
  • Free parking at Old Front Nine, Levee Lot South, Hayfield Lot, South Gourrier Lot, and Golf Course Areas and is indicated with the color purple on the official parking map on LSU Sports website.

Additionally, LSU has partnered with Waze to help fans find the best route to their parking lot. To navigate directly to your parking lot and get real-time updates, please use the Waze app from your mobile device.